Safe Services

 Halls Safe

Colorado State Safe & Lock provides a trove of Safe services with the quality and workmanship you care about 

Emergency Opening and Repair

Safe Drilling

Colorado State Safe & Lock provide emergency opening services for situations that call for immediate action. Our safe team has been working in the field for a collective 44 years and will open your safe quickly and efficiently.

Safe Lock Repair and Replacement

Inside S&G Lock

When your safe lock is malfunctioning you can be confident Colorado State Safe & Lock can assess repair or replace your part. We carry a myriad of options and bear the expertise you need to keep your items secure. 

Combination Change

Mosler Combination Safe Lock

Has your safe’s combination been compromised? Colorado State Safe & Lock provide combination changing as another way to keep your items secure. We keep it simple and fast and can usually take care of you within the week of scheduling.


Halls Safe Inner Door

Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced and are willing to get you the right safe for your security needs.


GSA Technician & Inspector

Our CSS&L team is also GSA certified and can work on, inspect and install GSA safes, vaults and doors. For more information click here


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