Electronic Access Control Services

 Electronic Access Control

Colorado State Safe & Lock provides a numerous Access Control services with the quality and workmanship you care about.  We are authorized dealers for Vanderbilt SMS and many others.  We have provided access control in numerous industries ranging from small business to school districts to industrial buildings.

Design and Install 

 Extensive design & spec experience

Colorado State Safe & Lock is one installer you can be confident in. We have Installed and designed access control system for years and offer that experience and expertise to you. We are versatile and flexible so we can set you up securely and keep you within budget.

Service and Repair


Colorado State Safe & Lock boasts one of the states finest groups of technicians. Our expertise ranges many fields in the access control industry and we are happy to put it to application repairing and servicing your system.


Colorado State Safe & Lock understands the frustration of a new access control system and offers a support service for those tough situations. Our Line is open to any questions or goals you have with your access control system at any time and we also provide remote support service.



Colorado State Safe & Lock offers our knowledge of the industry to get you set in the right direction. Even if you have decided to install it by other means than us. Our staff is highly trained and prepared to answer your questions or lead you in the proper direction so in the end you are satisfied with you purchase.


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